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Evohome FAQs & support

How does the evohome controller work?

The evohome controller becomes the ‘brains’ of your heating system. The easy to use display is touch screen and full colour. Within its single screen design evohome gives a lot of insight into your home and how your system is operating.

I can see by searching the internet that there is a product called evohome but with a mono screen. Is this the same?

This is an older version of evohome. This was primarily a trade offering which was used for specialist installations. Honeywell took the experience from this product and added new technology to create the new evohome which replaces the older evohome offering. There are many improvements such as colour touch screen, new user interface, increased number of zones supported, access via mobile devices to name but a few. Over the coming months the product pages for the new evohome will become live.

Can I create a Smart Zone using a number of rooms?

You can create up to 12 zones with a single evohome controller. A Smart zone can have an unlimited number of ‘devices’ within it. So for instance you may have an open plan family room and kitchen and decide that these rooms are within a single zone. The majority of residential properties in the UK should find 12 zones adequate. It is possible to extend evohome beyond 12 zones, interconnecting other evohome controllers, which a recognised Honeywell evohome installer can assist with.

What’s so Smart about the System?

The zoning concept is smart by nature. It is not clever to control your whole house with just one thermostat. The multipoint temperature sensing allows you to control the whole house on room by room basis. This is smart and eliminates waste. You do not heat the rooms you don’t use.

evohome comes with a lot of integrated technology designed to make your life easier. For instance the radiator zone kits know if a window has been left open, based on previous history of heating the room and detects a problem. When it thinks a window is open, then it suspends this zone to stop energy wastage and ensures the boiler does not continue to heat this zone until rectified. evohome also includes many other features such as Optimum Start and Stop.

What is optimum start and optimum stop?

Many old heating controls required you to guess what time heating should come on to be the right temperature at a specific time, for instance when you wake up. This guesswork is very inefficient and requires constant interaction throughout the changing seasons.

Honeywell’s optimum start technology allows you to set a ‘set point’ temperature at a specific time and evohome works out when to start to get to that point exactly at the right time. evohome understands how your home heats up and cools down. So when you want it at 21 Degrees at 7am, it will be perfectly arranged to be that temperature exactly at that time. evohome dynamically adjusts to the home, so if it is a cooler starting point, then evohome calculates how much to come on earlier, ensuring optimum comfort.

Honeywell’s optimum stop technology applies the same ‘fuzzy logic’ to enable savings on scheduled lower temperature set point. For instance you set at 11pm the home temperature is 18 degrees from 21 degrees in the evening. Within traditional systems the boiler would stop and the residual heat in the central heating would continue to ‘warm’ the home. evohome understands how the home reacts and so efficiently turns the boiler off just at the right time earlier to allow the residual heat in the heating system to be efficiently used, saving energy.

Can I use an app to access evohome – wherever I may be?

evohome has an app for IOS and Android mobile devices (coming Jan 2014). If you can connect to the internet via your mobile device then you can connect to your evohome.

How can I change the temperature if I cannot find my phone?

We understand you may not always have your phone on you. So the main touch screen controller is an easy to use place to control your heating. However if you are in a specific room and do not want to use the controller or mobile device, then each radiator zone kit can be interacted with directly at the radiator. This local manual adjustment is communicated back to the evohome controller.

Will I have to re-decorate?

evohome is wireless in its communication with the zone devices. So there should be virtually no need to lay down wires or perform any intrusive operation. Additionally you can always change your mind when it comes to your smart zoning system configuration. Should you redecorate or move your home around, today’s bedroom can become a study room tomorrow with a completely different pattern of room occupancy. No rewiring or replumbing is required. A Honeywell recognised installer can advise further if you have any questions.

Is the system secure?

evohome uses the ‘total connect comfort’ infrastructure to deliver access to evohome. Total connect comfort is Honeywell’s global platform for delivering a foundation for the connected home. Honeywell operate secure platforms for industrial and commercial businesses globally, delivering mission critical services and this resides on that platform.

How do I get the energy savings?

Energy saving and waste reduction are the key principles at the heart of Honeywell Smart zoning system. You eliminate unnecessary energy use by heating only if and when they are used. You set all the other rooms to a reduced temperature and thus you save energy and your money.

Through the inherent benefits of zoning and remote control as well as through continually making our products more efficient and more tailored for each person and situation, Honeywell will be continually engaging its customers with notifications and further product development.

For example, we will be optimising the options available on the evohome app on an ongoing basis, providing users with Honeywell’s expertise through one-touch updates to available heating profiles as well as energy saving tips.

We also recommend users make the most of the expertise our Honeywell installers have at their fingertips. Working closely with installers to plan a thorough, tailored solution will reap significant benefits.

Can I install this myself?

As with any electrical device, Honeywell advises that all electrical installation needs to be carried out by a qualified person. Before attempting installation the zoning system needs to be carefully planned.

If there are no TRV valves, or there is under floor heating again Honeywell would advise engaging a recognised installer. If there are existing TRV valves, then it is a simple process of unscrewing and fitting the ‘radiator zone kits’. This has been designed so that customers who have evohome, and want to grow their Smart Zoning over time can.

Where can I find out more or get some answers to other questions I may have?

Please visit to find out more about your home heating. This has further resources and more FAQs. Additionally Honeywell have an extensive network of trained and recognised installers who can advise further.

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