Honeywell evohome product shot

A superbly-flexible, brilliant room-by-room heating system

There's no doubting that the Evohome outsmarts the smart thermostats
Honeywell evohome product shot
Honeywell evohome product shot

Honeywell evohome is a very clever heating system upgrade, there's no doubt about it.
Honeywell evohome product shot

It is without doubt the most comprehensive and accurate system we have seen.

Rolls Royce of smart thermostats

evohome smart multi-zone system

Create the perfect comfort zone

A sophisticated programmable heating system that gives customers individual control of up to 12 heating zones in their home as well as their hot water system, helping them manage their comfort level and heating costs.

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evohome multi zoning system

evohome is a sophisticated heating system that ensures you can create and individually control up to 12 heating zones in domestic properties. evohome will also control domestic hot water.

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Total Connect Comfort

Remote access is provided via your tablet or smartphone, for quick and easy management of exactly where and when the property should be heated.

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Diagram of evohome system plan

Plan your evohome system

evohome is an intelligent heating system that allows you to create and individually control up to 12 heating zones and hot water.

You can configure your heating zones in many different ways:

  • You may choose to simply group rooms that are near each other around the house
  • You could group them according to the activities that go on in each area
  • You may also choose to create a zoning plan based on how frequently each room is used

Whichever method you opt for, you will need to know how you want to create the zones around your house and work out which evohome components you need to purchase. A qualified plumbing and heating installer will help you with this.

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Want to learn more?

For further information, read our guide to evohome and each of the evohome system components.

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