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Honeywell Home's connected products heating system has been designed to be easy to operate. They also have a range of features that make them easy to install for an experienced plumbing and heating installer.

For optimum performance, domestic heating systems need to be ‘balanced’ and it is important to make sure everything is already fully functional when making changes to the existing system.

Honeywell Home recommends new connected heating systems should always be installed by a fully competent plumbing and heating installer.

Finding a qualified installer is easy. Simply click below to locate a Honeywell Home Installer Network member. If you thinking of installing an evohome system you can even select installers who have had specialist evohome training.

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Top Tips

  • Check for membership of trade bodies

    Reputable companies are often members of trade bodies. Check for proof of membership, if you are unsure, contact the trade body directly, such as the CIPHE or the Gas Safe Register.

  • Never accept a verbal estimate

    Insist on a written quotation. Quotes should be written on headed paper with an address and telephone number, not just a mobile number.

  • Request written confirmation

    If you accept the quote, request written confirmation, Installer Network Members expect to provide this. During peak season, reputable installers are in demand and may require several weeks' notice.